Age: 20 Year Diagnosed: 2006 Location: Oceanside, Ca

“Here's a story/event of mine that I like to call ‘Right Place At The Right Time’. I was diagnosed at age 7 and I started helping in the childcare at my church at the age of 9. One day, in the class I was helping in, there was a boy who I knew was diabetic also. I remember this day so vividly. I remember him sitting on the floor saying he didn’t feel good and saying ‘I feel low’ as he started to lay down. I instantly ran to his side and asked where his supplies were. He seemed so out of it so I ran and grabbed my supplies and tested his blood sugar. I cant remember the number correctly, but I remember he was very low. After I got him juice and his blood sugar back up, I met his parents and explained everything. That is a day I will never forget. None of the other helpers were aware of how serious his medical condition was, they knew of it but paid no attention to it. I'm thankful that God had put me in the right place at the right time.”