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Age: 20 Year Diagnosed: 2009 Location: Freeland, MI

“Some students were bringing my government teachers some extra deserts they had made in cooking class. He was looking over the plate when he made a comment about how the plate should of come with extra insulin. I told he that I had some extra that I could spare. The whole class laughed and he looked super embarrassed!

Type 1 Diabetes can be an extremely hard disease to have, but I wouldn't regret a day of it. It has lead me to have some amazing opportunities, like attending JDRF's young adult conferences or working as a undergraduate research assistant in a lab that's working on advances towards a cure for Type 1. These opportunities have also led to me to meet some equally amazing people. Most importantly my diagnosis has allowed me to find something in life that I'm truly passionate about. I currently am pursuing a career in nursing, but my end goal is to just to help other Type 1 Diabetics.

Be prepared for everything! I can't count the amount of times I've ran out of insulin in the middle of school day, needed to change my pump site and didn't have one on my for gone low with nothing to treat it with. It causes a lot of stress that isn't necessary. Keep a kit in your backpack or purse that has everything you could possibly need, it may seem like overkill, but trust me! My diabetes motto is to hope for the best but, prepare for the worst!”